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A foundational touchpoint for UNICEF Australia to engage with young people on the issues of climate change and mental wellbeing was the youth-designed and led Better World Youth Summit, held in Sydney Australia. The Summit welcomed 150 year 10 students from schools across Greater Sydney to share their perspectives on what would make a better world for Australian children - covering topics like green spaces and parks, access to services, local jobs and public transportation.

Held on Thursday, 28 July, 2022 at Taronga Zoo, the Summit aimed to meaningfully involve children and young people, highlight their voices on issues that matter to them, and then prioritise these as recommendations for decision makers.

Children & their Environments: Key Statistics

Where Australia has a foundation to build on

6th lowest air pollution

Australia has relatively low levels of air pollution – the 6th lowest among 43 countries covered by the Report Card.

Low impacts of pollution on children’s health

In the top third of countries in terms of lowest impacts of air and lead pollution on children’s health.

Where Australia needs to step up policy efforts

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High levels of electronic waste

Generates high levels of electronic waste – more than 20kg per person per year – the 5th highest out of 43 countries.

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Emits high levels of CO2

Australia emits high levels of CO2 (based on consumption) – around 15 metric tonnes per person per year – the 4th highest out of 43 countries.

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High rates of consumption

If all people in the world consumed at the same rate as the average person in Australia, we would need 4.6 earths to sustain this consumption.

4.6 Earths

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