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Workshop outcomes

In August 2022, UNICEF Bulgaria organized two workshops with two groups of children to discuss and present their experiences, perceptions and opinions on the "places and spaces" they live in. The two groups were:

  • Seventeen (17) children with different background living in urban settings, some of them with health issues (allergies and asthma) aged 11-16 years, and
  • Six (6) Roma children living in a small Roma setting aged 9-15.

The Report Card 17 areas and results for the country were presented via a specially prepared presentation and boys and girls were encouraged to share what is impressing and concerning them regarding various environmental factors. The children presented their emotions and thoughts via pictures and art installations.

The consultation with the first group was done, thanks to the organization Bikearea, during an outdoor camp and the issues they chose for discussions and presentations were related mostly to environment.

The second group, with Roma children, presented via photo voice using mobile phones cameras how much the environment around them is affected by pollution, garbage and poverty. At the same time, the children declared a strong drive to change their immediate environment positively. The Roma consultations were facilitated by a Health Roma Mediator from the community.

Children & their Environments: Key Statistics

Where Bulgaria has a foundation to build on

Emits relatively low levels of CO2

Bulgaria is among the lowest third of countries in the report in terms of levels of CO2 (based on consumption) – around 5.5 metric tonnes per person per year compared to the report average of 9.1.

Low levels of electronic waste

Generates low levels of electronic waste – less than 12kg per person per year – the 8th lowest out of 43 countries.

Below average rates of consumption (among rich countries)

If all people in the world consumed at the same rate as the average person in Bulgaria, we would still need 2.3 earths to sustain this consumption.

2.3 Earths

Where Bulgaria needs to step up policy efforts

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High air and lead pollution

Bulgaria is in the group of countries in the Report Card with the highest levels of air pollution (4th highest among 43 countries) and lead pollution amongst children (9th highest)

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High levels of housing issues

Relatively high levels of housing issues in Bulgaria including overcrowding (6th highest of 38 countries) and percentage of children lacking a desk and a quiet place to study (6th lowest out of 42 countries)

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