Three participants from the Italy workshop standing and discussing the laws they created for Planet BThree participants from the Italy workshop standing and discussing the laws they created for Planet B
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Workshop outcomes

It the end of June 2022, UNICEF Italy organized a workshop with 10 young people aged between 14 and 18 years to discuss with them their experiences, perceptions and opinions on the "places and spaces" they live in. The participants came from different regions and included unaccompanied and separated children.

At the UNICEF premises in Rome, the group explored the content of the Report Card 17 and discussed several topics dealt by the publication, particularly focusing on air pollution and participation in governance. At the end of the workshop, the young people divided in subgroups and imagined becoming citizens of a brand-new planet. They drafted the Environmental Constitution of their planet and recorded these mock-video-interviews to tell us more about it. The laws described mirror the participants' suggestions to fulfil children's environmental rights on Earth.

Children & their Environments: Key Statistics

Where Italy has a foundation to build on

Low % of children with lead in their blood

Only around 1 per cent of children in Italy have elevated levels of lead in their blood – the 7th lowest percentage out of the 43 countries in the report.

Large amounts of urban green space

Italy has relatively large amounts of urban green space per person being ranked 7th best out of 40 countries.

Below average rates of consumption (among rich countries)

If all people in the world consumed at the same rate as the average person in Italy, we would still need 2.8 earths to sustain this consumption.

2.8 Earths

Where Italy needs to step up policy efforts

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High levels of overcrowded housing

Italy has relatively high (8th out of 38 countries) levels of overcrowded housing with almost 19 per cent of households experiencing overcrowding.

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