Holly, 10 years, shares her posters on the new rules for people living on ‘Planet B.’ Three children from the New Zealand workshop discussing the rules they made for their new planetBonnie, 10 years, shares her posters on the messages she would give the decision makers and the new rules for people living on ‘Planet B3.’
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Workshop outcomes

UNICEF Aotearoa New Zealand worked alongside Beckenham Te Kura o Pūroto school to organize a two- day workshop on 21-22 June 2022 in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

As part of this workshop, nine children between the ages of nine and ten got to share their perspectives on the environment, which was the main topic presented as part of RC17. On day one, participants spent time exploring Report Card 17's themes, countries, and framework, with UNICEF Aotearoa's guidance. All participants enjoyed creating individualized signs, which incorporated their learnings from the day. Day one ended with a discussion that focused on places where they dream, felt relaxed or stressed, and green places.

Day two involved participants working in groups to create an environmental constitution for their new planet. They then had the opportunity to present this and were empowered to voice their ideal environment. This workshop highlighted the importance of children’s voices, and the power of working as a collaborative unit. In these videos, the children share their favourite piece of legislation in their environmental constitution, and their recommendations for individuals on earth and in positions of power to protect the environment.

Children & their Environments: Key Statistics

Where New Zealand has a foundation to build on

4th lowest air pollution

New Zealand has relatively low levels of air pollution – the 4th lowest among the 43 countries covered by the Report Card.

Large amounts of urban green space

It has relatively large amounts of urban green space per person – being ranked 4th best out of 40 countries.

Below average rates of consumption (among rich countries)

If all people in the world consumed at the same rate as the average person in New Zealand, we would still need 2.7 earths to sustain this consumption.

2.7 Earths

Where New Zealand needs to step up policy efforts

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High rates of road traffic accidents among children

New Zealand has relatively high rates of road traffic accidents among children – the 8th highest rate among 42 countries.

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High % of schoolchildren lack a desk or quiet study space

21 per cent of schoolchildren aged 15 do not have their own desk and a quiet place to study at home, placing New Zealand 36th out of 42 countries on this factor.

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